Thursday, February 19, 2009

The B-Day, V-Day Weekend

Can I confess something? I am a terrible spoiled brat. Hands down, high horse, expect the moon and know I deserve it spoiled. The week before my birthday I was angry about something, I dont even remember what, but I was crying and fuming and had all but decided that if Ryan so much as had the nerve to ask me what I wanted for my birthday rather than just planning something fantastic, I was going to run away. Seriously, I was leaving. I hadn't gone so far as to say to myself that I was going back to Va Beach, but I was definitely not coming home for a few days. "That'll teach him to under appreciate...". Where do I get this stuff?
A tizzy. Thats the only way I can explain it. I was in a tizzy.
And two days later I come home and he says to me, "We need to talk about your birthday." By this time of course the storm had passed. (I'm so bad with holding grudges) (sometimes) And I find out he had raced home from work, drove all the way to town (which is an hour) so that he could get to the cell phone store and by me an IPhone for my birthday only to decide not to because of the $75 dollar a month increase to our cellphone bill. So rather than be spontaneous, he thought he should ask me before committing us to that much debt.
Such a simple thing. That he made a two hour trip and came home empty handed. That rather than blow our money like we always do (we are so bad with money, both of us like to pretend we have it) he asked before he lept.
I love him.
So I asked for a favor instead. To spend my birthday with my family since we are within driving distance.
So we booked a hotel and took the long scenic route and made a 3 hour trip a 6 hour trip. (He decided to replace my broken stereo with one that hooked into my IPOD half way there-LOVE IT!) and we had the best time. We love being together.
It was a fantastic weekend! Ryan played with the baby a lot which I enjoyed watching. We had a fantastic hotel room (which someone sent us Champagne and Chocolate Cheesecake !! Thanks and Happy Birthday to me!) and on Saturday we went for a horsedrawn carriage ride around downtown Cincinnati.
So for all my fussing and fuming and princessiness, I got better than I deserve.