Wednesday, December 29, 2010

$30 Bills....

Today, I was at work (not my store, a store closer to a bad neighborhood) and this lady comes in to get some prescriptions. Now her prescriptions were five dollars mind you. And she had a Snuggie and a bottle of Jim Beam. And couldnt find $5 to pay for her prescriptions much less all of the above. And she's hunting in purse and pocket to find some money then she says and I quote "I have a twenty dollar bill and a thirty dollar bill and now I cant find either."

Now when I was younger, I didnt know they didnt make five-hundred dollar bills. I mean, why would I have, I had never seen $5o0 in my life, much less all in one bill.

But this is different. This woman was grown. And under the influence. Of what I am not exactly sure.

So I have to wonder... What makes people do this? I mean, I have been drunk. And I understand the social drinking. I understand having a couple to unwind at the end of a day. But I have never wanted to be out of control of my senses. On purpose. But this woman lost a thirty dollar bill. In the middle of the day. I just dont know...

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Go Directly to Jail

So today we went to the County Corrections facility with our OTA program. The idea is that "Leisure" is an area of life that this particular population could use improvement in. Positive leisure if I may.
So we went. And we made hemp bracelets.
And it was strange. The participants were eager, polite and pleasant.
I have to go back in the spring. And I need a an idea. A crafty thing that we can do. That involves no sharp objects.
And Im actually looking forward to it.

Monday, December 6, 2010

A Look in the Glass...

Its supposed to be a good thing right?
Not your reflection in the glass, although, most days, I dont think thats half bad.
Im talking about reflection on your life.
I was just reading on a friends blog about an aspiration she has and what has or hasn't come of that desire.
So I look back too. The semester is coming to a close and my life is changing yet again.

This is what I have to say so far about this semester:

I have learned so much about Occupational Therapy, I am really excited about where its going to take me.

I have worked full time and gone to school full time and have nothing lower than a B.

I was voted class president for our Student OT group. - Based purely on my ability to speak well in public I am sure.

I continued to serve Meals on Wheels regularly despite a very full schedule.

I volunteered for a research project at school and applied for a grant with my teammates to continue its research. Its about improving the lives of people in nursing homes. Thats worthwhile right?

So many other areas in my life have suffered due to my schedule:

I have only read two books outside of school this entire semester. (I am not counting re-reading HP)

Martha Stewart I am not. My house is gross. Ryan has had to do his own laundry several times because he had no socks.

I still have yet to start exercising. Free gym membership at school. I have never been once.

I still don't have an friends in this bleeding state. I mean, there are a couple I know, and I couple I hang out with, but nothing close to companionship.
(this probably has less to do with my schedule than my general personality)

So what does this mean? Whats the total of my life for the last 6 months? What have I accomplished? What difference have I made?

And when on Earth will I find the time to do anything about it?