Tuesday, March 3, 2009


So today is my day off. When I have to work the weekend, I get a day off during the week to make up for it (gotta love retail). Usually I do laundry, catch up on the shows that Ryan wont watch with me, watch a chick flick On-Demand (its free) go to Walmart for the weekly shopping or go into town and hit the mall.
Well, shopping is not really an option for today, we had to pay the utility bill again $336.77! And this right after my birthday, we are pretty poor. (Though I am way over due for a haircut and completely out of shampoo.) Sarah is home doing her Photoshop-ing on the living room TV. I mean I guess having the picture the size of the wall makes for great results. And Ryan came home sick at 11 am and is asleep in our room.
I have no bed to fold laundry, no tv to watch and no where to read a book. I would go the movies but they only have one showing all day! (7:15)
(Just so you know, I am not wasting all day, I am making the sick boy some home made chicken soup, but still.)