Wednesday, March 31, 2010

When did we grow up?

Who was the last friend you made?
Do you stop making friends at some point?
Children have BEST FRIENDS but adults rarely do, why is this?
Is it because we have spouses with whom we are expected to share our deepest darkest?
Or because we become so complex one person can't do the job?
Or do we age beyond selfless devotion?

I love to see the desire for love in other people. For some its a simple manifestation of eagerness. For others its an irritating gooey slop which they feel the need to share in hopes that you'll
reciprocate. And then there are rebels. The girl in my biology class with her danzig t-shirt and kool-aid stained hair who really just wants to be a Disney princess. The guy we all know that can't stand anyone anyone, but really really wants to be your friend.

The desire to bond is strong. The ability is so flawed.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Last night I made a pot roast. As I was cooking it, I was watching some food network shows that I dont normally watch and i happened upon a recipe for popovers that changed my life.

I have always wanted to try popovers. But they kinda look complicated and fussy and you gotta print the recipe and have the time etc...

Then the chick on TV says... "its 2 eggs, 2tsp of melted butter, 1 cup of milk and 1 cup of flour"
blend and your done.
How hard is that? So I made some...

Now my thought is, why do we not reduce everything in life to simple forms? Other recipes id seen called for these odd quantities and special instructions... If thats really all it took, 2+2+1+1 well anyone should be able to make popovers... and a bet more people would try.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Go ask Alice....

I went to see Alice in Wonderland this past weekend. Of course I enjoyed it thoroughly, but then there are few things Tim Burton that I dont love. Ryan and I got to discussing the symbolism, or implied symbolism in the book/movie. (I love how a piece of literature is dissected by third parties years later and said to mean things I bet they never did).
Does the Jabberwocky represent traditional female roles? Husbands? Penises? Why did Disney introduce playing cards into the cartoon version? What happened to the Walrus and the Carpenter?

At the end of the movie, Alice decides not to marry the wealthy but awful young man who has asked for her hand but instead pursues business and engages in building trade with China.
Throughout the movie the young Alice romps sans corset and stockings.

So this is my thought for today... This is independence no? Alice believes in impossible things. She has vision beyond matrimony and society. And she throws off convention with abandon to pursue the impossible.
Does she disobey her mother in turning down her proposal, yes. Does she act improperly by choosing business over motherhood?

Is this a feminist hollywood american dream? Is this a shiny hope of prosperity silently undermining our ability to be content with hearth and home? Are we learning to resent conventional wisdom and trust our "inner guide" one hour of conditioning at time?

Or is it even wrong to lose the corset and stockings? So some small minded gossips will talk about how they might see our shins? Are we so afraid of questioning our conventional wisdom that we tow a line, to a party, a dogma, a tradition that we fear to evaluate what we really think. Or maybe we shouldnt think.