Friday, June 27, 2008

Changing Spots?

Twas pondering if my blog title would cause my marriage peril
when my wandering eyes spotted a volume by Lewis Carroll.
A-ha, Dear Alice, you're off to face Wonderland
as you follow, not the White Rabbit, but your dear sweet husband.

Alright, I'm done.

But perhaps the Looking Glass is more apropos. There are wonderful characters in Wonderland. Good times to be had. Sure, theres the Jabberwocky. But does he get Alice in the end?

Actually does he? I've never read the book.

So this has nothing to do with the title of blog.

I love my husband. If you don't know or have doubts about that, let me just say, he is absolutely without a doubt the smartest, wittiest, most clever man I have ever met. Not only that, but he gets my sense of humor. And if you've met me then you know, that about does it for me.

So this man, light of my life, tells me last night about all the things that we can go and do in Louisville.

Now if you know anything about my life, you know, we are not go'er's and do'er's. Well, I am. But anyway. And I say to him. "Baby, we don't go and do now, why are we going to go and do there?" And he says to me. "Because I won't want to shoot everyone I come across the minute I step out of the house."

Now what I want to know is, Am I crazy because I don't believe the leopard knows the color of his own spots or is the leopard color blind?

On a plus note, Ben Folds will be in concert in Louisville on Oct 4th. Eat that.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

A New Beginning ... Again

So I'm blogging... again. I guess I haven't felt the need as much when I have lived in Virginia Beach. Here I have an list of friends to call at all hours to dish about whatever.

Soon, while I am in Kentuckiana, I will still have those friends, but somehow the distance will make me a little more forlorn, a little more dramatic and a lot more likely to occupy my time musing into the nothing-ness.

I am calling this adventures in Step-Monstering. At this moment, I feel that the biggest change in my life when we move will be Noah. How to entertain Noah, how to love Noah, how not to kill Noah. (As some of you know, I don't have the most patience ever with children.)

A great example of how this new lens has colored my life...

I went shopping for a bathing suit this week. I "get" to go to a water park next week. So Heather Lee and I are evaluating various suits: cute suits, fat hiding suits, sexy suits. Which one did I pick?
The one that I felt would least embarrass my ten year old stepson. I mean, I shouldn't run around with the girls hanging out, I'm a mom of a pre-adolescent for Bob's Sake.

And thus it begins. It may not be all bad. Afterall, God ordained this situation, He will give me the grace to survive it.

But there's no guarantee what I'll look like on the other side.