Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sunday Night
A pharmacy

A telephone rings...

Technician: Hello and thank you for calling CVS how can I help you?

Caller: Yes, my Medicaid hasn't been working or whatever but now there going to turn it on and give me the money back that I paid you, cause there was a couple times I had to pay for my medicine. Can you tell me how much that was?

Technician: You're asking what your recent out of pocket expenses were because you Medicaid was in-active?

Caller: Yeah, cause they said you'd give me my money back or they would or something.

Technician: It looks like it was around $29.00.

Caller: Really? Thats all?

Technician: Well ma'am if you got prescriptions at other stores, you would need to resubmit the insurance claim at each store.

Caller: Oh. Well can you get that ready for me?

Technician: Did they reactivate your old Medicaid ID account or did they assign you a new one?

Caller: I dont know.

Technician: Well then we would not be able to resubmit the claims with out the paperwork. Once you bring us the paper work we would be happy to resubmit them here in the store. If they will go electronically then we will refund your money immediately. Most of them are a month or more old and we do not guarantee electronic refunds over two weeks so we might end up mailing them. That could take a month or so. Do you have your receipts?

Caller: No, they didn't tell me I needed them.

Technician close to losing her patience: And how do you expect that you might get a refund from a store from several months ago without a receipt?

Caller: I dont know.

Technician knowing shes if fighting a losing battle because we can procure the receipts and the customer is infact not responsible for keeping her own crap together, we will just hand her money like everyone else is doing...: Why dont you just bring in your paperwork and we'll see what we can do.

Why do we live in a world now where people (my generation) dont seem to know how things work? I really want to go on a tirade about personal responsibility yada yada but even now my day is slipping away and I have to go. But I am thinking about these things...

The trash can in my kitchen is flowing over onto the floor because I am the only one who seems to be capable of taking it out. The ratio right now of me empting it versus anyone else in this house is 62:4. And I dont even live here.

The woman across the street called the cops on us because my huband parked in front of her house. She called the cops an hour and a half after leaving the first note she ever left on his windshield. And the cops threatened us with a misdemeanor for lack of cooperation if we continued to park there.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Mawigde is what bwings us togever today...

I am going to do something random and post on my blog. My bestest friend Tara got married recently. (I sometimes feel funny calling her my best friend, because in actuality I have 4 best friends, or three and a husband. But I also have two mothers and I refer to them both as my mom. Context clues help) I was in the wedding and it was fun and wonderful and we had a great time and she was beautiful...See:

But the wedding is the easy part. Some more so than others. The biggest struggle of mine was taking Ryan shopping for a new shirt. (Ever HAD to buy something for an event when you are feeling fat or tired or just not cute and ended up stomping your foot. This is what it is like taking my husband shopping for clothes.) But comparatively, i had it easy.

But then, then comes the real world. The meshing of the lives, the ticks, the moods, the motives, the budgets, the expectations, the kids (his, mine, ours), the discipline (his, mine, theirs) the television, the social life (or imbalance therein) and no matter how much you hash it out ahead of time, its not what you expected. It doesnt go according to plan.

So I have been thinking a lot about marriage. What a blessing it is to have one that works. Someone who is sticking by you, putting up with you. If you look at the statistics they are pretty grim. When I look at my friends from highschool we are sitting high right now, only one casualty so far, that I am aware of, but several yet to be married and a few pretty unhappy situations.

I really dont have an opinion or an epiphany here, more just a musing on paper. A girl at my work yesterday spouted off about the John and Kate debauchle saying that "Kate shouldnt stay with him if shes not happy because everyone deserves to be happy" I could have slapped her. And then choked her to death. And then I had to mourn a little bit for the self importance of our generation. I deserve to be happy? Do I? For what reason? Not to mention the entire concept of happiness just crap. But that is another episode.