Saturday, May 1, 2010

What is Rock and Roll?

Do you ever stop to think about rock and roll?
I dont mean heavy metal or grunge rock, I mean the original rock and roll, the kind our parents listened too when they thought their parents were out of earshot.
Ever since I was little my did would stay up late with his albums (I really mean vinyl) and his headphones and listen to Bob Seger and Neil Diamond and Led Zeppelin.
I remember those times vividly because he was so engrossed in those songs, those times. I have to wonder what is it about rock n roll that was so life changing?
Now a days we have rap, gangster and otherwise, r & b, softrock, classic rock, alternative, ska, blues such a myriad of sound that it is impossible to even know what comes out on a regular basis.
Was music better in the says of Janis and Jimi and Dylan??
Do we not cling today to the hits of yesterday because they stopped making good music?
Will we sit with our CD's and listen for hours to the musical stylings of Marshall Mathers or the Killers or Kenny Chesney?
So few songs today have the staying power of The Watchtower or Bobby McGee.
I just wonder, did rock n roll die? Or is it just so dilute today that no one really cares.