Monday, September 7, 2009


This is apparently the funniest thing about The Search for the Holy Grail. Men banging coconuts.
Every scene that involved the substitution of coconuts for horses, Noah giggled.

Now there were jokes that I expected him not to get. Sir Gallahad the Chaste having to be rescued from spanking the virgins at Anthrax.

The dragging discussion of the carrying power and wind/speed velocity of a European swallow versus an African swallow.

"You cant expect to wield supreme power because some watery tart threw a sword at you"

But the simplicity of "Patsy" the man servant loyally following his king, banging his coconuts as Arthur "galloped" erectly. Apparently, this is humor.
Sometimes I love children.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Monty Python Experiment

"I didn't even finish 15 minutes of it, that was terrible! How on earth is that your favorite movie?" said I to Steve some 10 or so years ago. I, being terribly smitten, was trying every new movie and album he loved so we would have more to talk about, and had just tried to watch The Life of Brian.

"I just dont want to see (The search for the Holy Grail)" says a friend who will remain anonymous. "Everyone is always quoting the stupid lines to each other and laughing hysterically at things that dont seem to make any sense. At this point in time I cant imagine that there are any funny parts I dont already know by heart nor that they are anywhere near as funny as they have been built up to be. It doesnt interest me." at which point I scream "Help, Help Im being repressed!"

As I have grown and become more cynical, I have loved Monty more and more. Now I watch the Life of Brian and giggle myself silly. I wonder if its an age thing? Or perhaps at time, I thought it was not funny because I didnt understand why anyone would mock my religion and could not laugh at it.

This weekend Ryan and I are watching The Search for the Holy Grail with Noah. It will be his first time with Monty Python. I am eager to see how the next generation feels about it. Will he think its funny? He has a strange dry wit. (Wonder where he got that) Which jokes will he understand? (He is unusually sharp for a child of 10, further proof he is his fathers child) When will he be lost but will laugh because we are and will I be able to tell?

Either way, I am excited to see the cult classic the first time with fresh eyes.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Back to Blogging...I hope.

We should all have friends that challenge us. Someone who, while they love us for who we are today, know that we can in fact rule the world and push us to be thinking about our plans for world domination. Okay, maybe not world domination, but personal improvement... is that a little less dramatic?
Laura is that friend of mine. The girl just oozes ambition. And it drives me nuts. I wish that I had a tenth of her drive. At times I mock that she has a fear of boredom. But she also has an amazingly full and accomplished life.
She works full time at a job she enjoys.
She pursues her passion for music by teaching voice and engaging in musical theater.
She is in leadership in the church.
She camps, she coupons, she saves, she has two blogs, she writes and she runs marathons.
And she does all these things while going to grad school.

I am lucky if i make it to work on time and if I had clean clothes to wear there.
Sure I have dreams. I am falling in love with Occupational Therapy this semester.
I am excited to learn what avenues are available in that field. Ryan and I want to go to Europe.
I want to successfully grow a plant for 12 months.

Right now I am exhausted between school kicking my butt all week and apartment hunting most of the afternoon...But, Laura is launching a new blog and I was feeling a little small in comparison. Its sad and pathetic I know. But still...
Can you be proud of your friends and jealous of their success at the same time? I dont envy Laura anything. She earns all she gets and she gives as much as she can sometimes more. Perhaps jealousy is not the right emotion. Perhaps its shame. Perhaps its that Im 29 and still living at home for all intents and purposes. Perhaps I should not be ashamed of this, many of my generation are in the same boat. Just not so many of my peers.
Then again. Perhaps im just tired.