Wednesday, December 29, 2010

$30 Bills....

Today, I was at work (not my store, a store closer to a bad neighborhood) and this lady comes in to get some prescriptions. Now her prescriptions were five dollars mind you. And she had a Snuggie and a bottle of Jim Beam. And couldnt find $5 to pay for her prescriptions much less all of the above. And she's hunting in purse and pocket to find some money then she says and I quote "I have a twenty dollar bill and a thirty dollar bill and now I cant find either."

Now when I was younger, I didnt know they didnt make five-hundred dollar bills. I mean, why would I have, I had never seen $5o0 in my life, much less all in one bill.

But this is different. This woman was grown. And under the influence. Of what I am not exactly sure.

So I have to wonder... What makes people do this? I mean, I have been drunk. And I understand the social drinking. I understand having a couple to unwind at the end of a day. But I have never wanted to be out of control of my senses. On purpose. But this woman lost a thirty dollar bill. In the middle of the day. I just dont know...

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